Orifice flow meter with VdS approval for stationary sprinkler systems in fire safety applications

The Turbo-Lux® orifice flow meter with VdS approval for flow measurement in stationary sprinkler systems. Together with the practical case for the bypass flow meter, the Turbo-Lux®-series products are the devices of choice for inspection firms. The required approval from VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH has been secured. Since 1977, companies have relied on the VdS-certified technology of the Turbo-Lux® series.

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Areas of application:

The first generation of the Turbo-Lux®-series already played a leading role in flow metering applications for stationary water extinguishing systems (test pipes) and has been used thousandfold in the fire safety industry since then. In addition to this, the installation location and position and the flow direction in the various system types can vary greatly – as an intermediate flange version, the direction of the arrow is the only determining factor for the flow direction. The device is not susceptible to vibrations and offers a steady flow indication.

The Turbo-Lux® orifice flow meter is used in the following industries:

  • Fire safety (stationary sprinkler systems)

Advantages of the orifice flow meter:

  • Nominal sizes from DN 80 ... DN 250
  • Measuring ranges from 420 ... 18,000 l/min
  • Measurement accuracy ±2.5 % from the measuring range limit value
  • Any installation location, installation position and flow direction possible
  • Strong vibration resistance
  • Display in %
  • VdS approval 2344, 2100-2
  • Centring kit (optional)
  • Calibration certificate (optional)
  • Case for bypass flow meter (optional)
  • Available at short notice

Measuring tube connections:

  • Intermediate flange
  • Calibrating measuring devices
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Provision of tender texts
  • Provision of technical component drawings for implementing the devices in fire safety systems


FAQ - Orifice flow meter for sprinkler systems - Turbo-Lux®

Can the orifice plate of the Turbo-Lux 2 also be used for the Turbo-Lux?

Yes, the orifice plate is suitable for both devices.

Under which product code can I find the orifice plate, the centering assembly and the replacement cap for the Turbo-Lux?

These accessories are shown via the product code of the Turbo-Lux 2.

Where can I find the serial number of my orifice flow meter?

It is listed on the bypass flow meter under the scale.

Where can measuring accuracy certificates be downloaded subsequently?

Via our homepage – under the following link you can find the instructions how to do this:


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