Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital

Orifice flow meter for use in test lines of stationary fire protection systems.
Approval: FM

The Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital is the answer to the demand for a digital volumetric flow indicator.

Areas of application:

The Turbo-Lux 3® Digital flow meter is intended for use in test lines of stationary fire protection systems. It can be installed on existing Turbo-Lux® 3 orifices already in operation. For this purpose, only the display part has to be replaced, so that only minimal investment costs are incurred. The required approval from FM is available.

The orifice fire pump test meter is used in the following industries:

  • Fire safety (stationary sprinkler systems)

Advantages of the flowmeter Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital

  • One device for all nominal sizes and measuring ranges
  • Measuring range from 20 ... 10 000 USgpm (75 ... 38 000 l/min.)
  • Nominal sizes from 2" / DN 50 ... 12" / DN 300 (universally applicable)
  • Simple operation by means of three keys 
  • Simple conversion to digital display by means of a screw connection 
  • Permanent display of current flow rate, pump capacity and nominal size 
  • Good readability due to damping of the measured value and readable up to a distance of 5 m 
  • Measuring accuracy ±2.0 % (FM)
  • Analog output 4 … 20 mA (24 V DC Version) 
  • Power supply 12 … 24 V DC (battery operation in preparation) 
  • Pressure limit: 500 psi (34,5 bar) – 2” … 8” (DN 50 ... DN 200) / 232 psi (16,0 bar) – 10“ … 12“ (DN 250 ... DN 300)
  • Languages English, French, German
  • Maintenance free
  • FM approval PR455022
  • CE marking
  • Calibrating measuring devices
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Provision of tender texts
  • Provision of technical component drawings for implementing the devices in fire safety systems

FAQ - Flow meter for use in test lines of stationary fire protection systems -Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital

How can the measured values of the digital display be transmitted to an external "control system"?

Communication takes place via a 4 ... 20 mA analog interface.

Can the mechanical display unit of the Turbo-Lux® 3 be replaced by the digital version Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital on an existing measuring orifice?

Yes, this can be done for FM systems. The measuring orifice and the pump capacity must be set once in the menu of the digital unit.

Do I need a Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital for each orifice from DN 50 (2") to DN 300 (12") and the corresponding pump capacity?

No, the Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital is universally applicable and can be used on all orifices and the associated pump capacities. On the front panel of the device, the user has to set the installed orifice plate and the associated measuring range once by means of the three buttons.

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