Valve supervision switch with increased safety for stationary fire protection systems

  • Extension of the inspection intervals in accordance with FM Global data sheet 2-81
  • Quick and easy installation of the unit without drilling or cutting
  • Compatible with butterfly valves, OS&Y valves, NRS valves, and ball valves
  • Communication via conventional signaling or a wide variety of addressable protocols

The new variety in valve monitoring

The FM Data Sheet 2-81 provides comprehensive guidelines for the inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of fire protection systems. These measures are crucial to ensure the operational readiness and reliability of the systems, thereby protecting property and lives. The guideline sets out clear procedures and frequencies for ITM activities and emphasises the importance of enhanced security through advanced monitoring devices.

Overview of Benefits for Property Owners

  • Increased Security - through early detection of problems and continuous monitoring.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs - by avoiding unnecessary maintenance tasks and extending inspection intervals.
  • Efficient Resource Utilisation - through optimised maintenance plans and targeted repairs.
  • Compliance - with fire protection regulations and standards, including the requirements of the FM 2-81 standard.
  • Insurance Benefits - with lower premiums or other advantages for buildings equipped with advanced security and monitoring systems, as the risk of fire and water damage is reduced.
  • Increased Property Values - through building trust - installing modern monitoring systems increases tenants' and buyers' confidence in the safety of the property.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Protection - Regular maintenance and prevention of system failures contribute to more environmentally friendly building management by conserving resources and extending the lifespan of the systems.

Overview of Benefits for Maintenance Companies

  • Increased Efficiency - Precise monitoring and automatic alarms reduce the need for manual inspections and facilitate the planning of maintenance tasks.
  • Cost Savings - Accurate knowledge of system status enables maintenance companies to plan their operations more efficiently and avoid unnecessary trips, saving time and costs.
  • Reduced Downtime - Faster detection and resolution of issues lead to shorter system downtimes, increasing customer satisfaction and avoiding potential penalties.
  • Enhanced Safety - Continuous monitoring and early detection of problems minimise potential safety risks for maintenance personnel and building occupants.
  • Improved Compliance - Adherence to legal regulations and standards such as FM 2-81 is made easier through the use of modern monitoring technology, reducing legal risks.
  • Competitive Advantage - Companies that utilise modern monitoring technology like supervisory switches can position themselves as innovative and reliable service providers.
  • Increased Customer Retention - Providing a top-notch, efficient, and transparent maintenance service contributes to long-term customer loyalty.
  • Resource Efficiency - Optimised maintenance processes and reduced emergency trips contribute to more sustainable operations by lowering the company's carbon footprint.

Requirements/Properties of FM 2-81

The FM 2-81 guideline sets specific requirements for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems to ensure their proper function and reliability, including:

Regular Inspections and Tests:

  • Weekly visual inspection of control valves for completeness, secured position, and accessibility.
  • Annual verification of the full movement of all control valves.

Enhanced Security and Monitoring:

  • Use of Enhanced Security Supervisory Devices to detect and report tampering.
  • Installation of Smart Valve Monitors for near real-time monitoring of critical valves./li>

Technical Features:

  • Switch latches in actuated position in case of tempering or wrong valve position (conventional version).
  • Continuously monitored switch housing to detect tampering attempts.

Dimensions (mm):

Design of the Supervisory Switch with Enhanced Security

  1. Supervisory switch UW3

  2. LED indicator

  3. Magnet unit

  4. Indicator flag

  5. Gearbox cover

  6. Adjustment kit

Installation Options

All available mounting kits offer the flexibility to install the supervisory switch in either a normally open or normally closed configuration.

Here is an example:

  • Normally open installation:The supervisory switch remains open in its default state and closes when the valve is in the correct position.
  • Normally Closed Installation:The supervisory switch remains closed in its default state and opens when the valve is in the correct position.

This versatility allows for easy integration into various fire protection system designs and ensures optimal performance based on specific system requirements.

Closed valve position

Closed valve Indicator

Open valve position

Open valve indicator

FAQ – UW3 Series

How many wires are required for a correct installation of a conventional UW3 switch?

This switch is an active device and relies on a power supply. I.e. besides the two wires for the IDC zone two more wires for power are required.

What is the function of the PSR module?

PSR stands for Power Supervisory Relay. This module is required as last device in every zone of conventional UW3 switches! It constantly monitors for power loss of devices in the zone.

What is provided with a Mounting Kit?

Each UW3 device needs a mounting kit that includes all materials needed to make the UW3 switch compatible with a given valve type. This material consists of valve vendor and type specific brackets as well as a magnet holder (UW3 switches are magnet field sensing).

What are the two EOL terminals at the conventional UW3 switch intended for?

Those two terminals are intended for a fast and reliable installation of a resistor that is in series with the UW3 switch. Those terminals must be bridged by either a resistor or a jumper cable (i.e. no resistor in series with the UW3 switch) for the device to operate. What does pre-wired mean?

What does pre-wired mean?

Each UW3 version with addressable loop module can be ordered without the loop module itself instead it is prepared for a quick and easy installation of the module by the customer. An installation manual is provided.

The UW3 series of supervisory switches does not support the loop protocol of your fire panel?

Please contact us! Chances are that a solution can be found.

The UW3 series of supervisory switches does not support a valve type you have installed?

Please contact us! Chances are that a solution can be found.


System Module Article code
Apollo Apollo FM approval UW30-AE5A1
Apollo Apollo LPCB and VdS approval UW30-AE5A2
Apollo pre-wired for corresponding module UW30-AE5AX
Honeywell Mircom MIX-M501AP Mini Monitor UW30-AE5HA
Honeywell Notifier FMM-101 Monitor UW30-AE5HB
Honeywell Silent Knight SK-Minimon Intelligent Mini Monitor UW30-AE5HC
Honeywell System Sensor M501M UW30-AE5HD
Honeywell Fire Lite MMF-301 Monitor UW30-AE5HE
Honeywell Gamewell AMM-2F Addressable Monitor UW30-AE5HF
Honeywell Johnson Controls M301MJ Mini Monitor UW30-AE5HG
Honeywell Morley - IAS UW30-AE5HH
Honeywell Secutron MRI - M501M UW30-AE5HJ
Honeywell EST / Edwards M501MF UW30-AE5HK
Honeywell pre-wired for corresponding module UW30-AE5HX
Potter Potter - PAD100 - MIM UW30-AE5P1
Potter pre-wired for corresponding module UW30-AE5PX
Wireless Transmitter for switch UW30-AE5WA
Wireless Receiver for point to point UW30-AE5WR
Marchwood Marchwood MI 10104  
  PSR Module – End of line relay ZB-UW3-PSR

Mounting Kits for OS&Y, NRS and Ball Valves available on request:

Manufacturer Model Nominal diameter Article code
Reliable 300W / 300 WC 2½“ (DN65) … 8“ (DN 200) ZB-UW3B01
Reliable 300GT / 300 GTC 2“ (DN 50) … 10“ (DN 250) ZB-UW3B01
Reliable 363 GT / 363 GTS 2“ (DN 50) … 10“ (DN 250) ZB-UW3B01
Tyco BFV-300 / BFV-300C 2“ (DN 50) … 12“ (DN 300) ZB-UW3B02
Victaulic Fire lock 705 / 765 2“ (DN 50) … 8“ (DN 200) ZB-UW3B03
Victaulic Fire lock 705 / 765 10“ (DN 250) … 12“ (DN 300) ZB-UW3B05
Viking BVG-1-MON 2“ (DN 50) … 12“ (DN 300) ZB-UW3B04

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