• Sprinkler system remains operational
  • Cost-effective testing method, only one person needed
  • Reduction of error susceptibility due to pre-wiring

The new way of flow detector testing

The simplified and resource-saving solution through direct connection of signal lines and power supply

In the past, flow detectors had to be tediously tested by hand, with the system being shut down during the test of each detector, and additional water had to be fed into the line. At least two people were required for the process: one to manually perform the test, another to monitor the alarm signal.

Our testing procedure allows testing of all flow detectors installed in a sprinkler system while keeping the system operational. A time-saving solution where a functional test can now be performed by one person within minutes on all sprinkler units within a system. Monitoring of short circuits, wire breakage, and tampering is also possible through the recording of resistances.

The compact assembly unit enables quick and resource-saving automatic remote testing (e.g., via key switch or fire alarm control panel BMZ). Unlike manual testing, no additional water is required, reducing the tendency for corrosion in the sprinkler lines.

Advantages at a glance

  • Sprinkler system remains operational (functional test without shutdown)
  • Corrosion tendency reduced by foregoing additional water supply or loss
  • Cost-effective testing method, only one person needed
  • Operating pressure 16 bar with leak test and functional test according to EN 12259-5 including test certificate
  • Pre-wired version available for time and resource-saving installation
  • Reduction of error susceptibility due to pre-wiring

Area of Application:

For use in stationary fire protection systems, for the detection and combating of fires, flow detectors are used in wet sprinkler systems. The FM and VdS approved Zone-Lux® - an automatic flow detector tester is installed in fire protection systems for flow monitoring and testing of sprinkler lines. When a predefined water flow within the sprinkler line is reached, a signal from the flow detector is relayed to the fire alarm control panel for monitoring and quick localization of fires.

Requirements/Conditions: VdS CEA 4001; DIN EN 12845

According to VdS CEA 4001 and DIN EN 12845, flow detectors in wet systems must undergo functional testing at quarterly intervals. From the time of operation of the testing device to the alarm signal, a maximum of 2 minutes may elapse. Behind each flow detector, a testing device must be provided to simulate the operation of a sprinkler. Further requirements include:

  • the testing device must be accessible without mobile aids and
  • secured against unauthorized operation, as well as
  • equipped with drainage
  • and can only be operated by a qualified person.

Construction of the Zone-Lux Flow Detector for Sprinkler Systems

  1. Pump

  2. Main pipe

  3. Flow switch/detector Potter type VSR-EU

  4. Ball valve 3/4" IF/EF

  5. Angle 90° 3/4 IF/EF »

  6. Blind plug 1/2" »

  7. Ball valve 1/2" IF/EF »

  8. Union nut 1 1/2" »

  9. Non-return valve

Versions of the Zone-Lux® Flow Detector Tester

Different versions are offered / distinguished – including the option of pre-wiring for a time-saving and safe installation.


consisting of main pipe, valves, pump, and flow detector

ZONE-LUX® Conventional

(Direct control) - e.g. with key switch

In addition to basic including connection box and optionally with pre-wired control for all VdS approved fire alarm control panels

ZONE-LUX® Communication

(addressable - Apollo Module)

In addition to basic including connection box, Apollo Module (addressable) and optionally pre-wired control.

ZONE-LUX® Connection Box


For wiring of individual components including pipe mounting set for easy installation on the main pipe.

ZONE-LUX® Key Switch

For wiring of individual components including pipe mounting set for easy installation on the main pipe.

ZONE-LUX® Apollo Module

(Communication - Apollo Module)

Connection box (Communication - Apollo Module) for wiring of individual components including pipe mounting set for easy installation on the main pipe


What does "pre-wired" mean?

To install the ZONE-LUX® as efficiently and error-free as possible on-site, we already take care of the sometimes tedious and error-prone connection of all components in the factory - and that with tested quality. With this option, you receive a directly installable solution with a test certificate. This eliminates the need to connect the pump and flow detector on-site. In a simple and individually adjustable connection box, only the power supply and signal lines need to be laid out – so you have more time for the essentials.

Why are there left and right versions?

Due to structural requirements, it may become necessary to place the pump on either side of the main pipe (space is not available on both sides).

What is the installation length of the automatic flow detector tester?

The total installation length is 400 mm. By using an optionally available adapter piece, this can be extended to 450 mm.

Up to what operating pressure is ZONE-LUX® approved?

ZONE-LUX® is approved for an operating pressure of up to 16 bar (232 PSI) FM and VdS.

Overview: Versions - Nominal Width

ZONE-LUX® Basic Version

This version is delivered without connection box and wiring.

Scope of delivery: Main pipe, valves, pump, and flow detector

Version Nominal Width
ZLB0-E# DN 50 (Ø 60.3 mm) left or right
ZLB0-F# DN 65 (Ø 76.1 mm) left or right
ZLB0-G# DN 80 (Ø 88.9 mm) left or right
ZLB0-H# DN 100 (Ø 114.3 mm) left or right
ZLB0-K# DN 150 (Ø 168.3 mm) left or right
ZLB0-X# DN 150 (Ø 165.1 mm) left or right
ZLB0-L# DN 200 (Ø 219.1 mm) left or right

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