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Stationary fire safety

Fire pump test meters for sprinkler systems

Stationary water-based extinguishing systems benefit from orifice and magnetic-inductive flow meters with global approvals

With MECON, you are choosing maximum reliability – in particular in stationary fire safety. Comprehensive fire safety systems are one of the fundamental requirements for saving as many lives as possible in an emergency. The reliability and safety of the technical components is more critical than almost any other industry. Especially under extreme conditions, minor inaccuracies in the fire safety system can have major consequences. With the fire pump test meters Turbo-Lux® series, MECON has already been producing leading measurement technology for stationary fire safety since 1977. We have already been selling the Turbo-Lux® family products and the mag-flux® series with VdS approval for over 40 years.

In 2016, we introduce the innovation for global fire safety requirements. For the first time, the Turbo-Lux® 3 fulfils all parameters of the tree certification and test institutions (FM, LPCB and VdS) – unique on the market for fire pump flow meters. The requirements and specification parameters were the decisive factors when developing the product. The high technical demands also boosted the motivation of our development department. “Saving lives” – at least indirectly – is a particularly motivating day’s work for our engineers and technicians. With the mag-flux T4 magnetic-inductive flow meter and the Turbo-Lux®-series orifice fire pump test meters, MECON offers a globally unique solution for flow metering technology in stationary fire extinguishing systems.

The product range around the Turbo-Lux® 3 is now consequently completed by a digital version with digital display and 4 ... 20 mA output signal. The FM approved Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital can also be installed on existing Turbo-Lux® 3 measuring orifices. Its digital display is easy to operate by means of three buttons and can be used universally on all orifices from DN 50 (2") to DN 300 (12").

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A clever structure ensures smooth and rapid installation of our fire pump test meters as well as maintenance by a company approved by FM, LPCB or VdS.

Our fire pump test meters for sprinkler systems

Orifice flow meters:

Magnetic-inductive flow meter

Global leaders and unique: Fire pump test meters for sprinkler systems by MECON

  • Reliability and durability
  • High reading accuracy
  • Robust and low-maintenance construction
  • Steady flow indication
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Quality “Made in Germany”
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Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital (FM) – Orifice flow meter

Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital

The Turbo-Lux® 3 Digital is the answer to the demand for a digital volumetric flow indicator.

  • One device for all nominal sizes and measuring ranges
  • Measuring range from 20 ... 10 000 USgpm (75 ... 38 000 l/min.)
  • Nominal sizes from 2" / DN 50 ... 12" / DN 300 (universally applicable)
  • Simple operation by means of three keys 
  • Simple conversion to digital display by means of a screw connection 
  • Permanent display of current flow rate, pump capacity and nominal size 
  • Good readability due to damping of the measured value and readable up to a distance of 5 m 
  • Measuring accuracy ±2.0 % (FM)
  • Analog output 4 … 20 mA (24 V DC Version) 
  • Power supply 12 … 24 V DC (battery operation in preparation) 
  • Pressure limit: 500 psi (34,5 bar) – 2” … 8” (DN 50 ... DN 200) / 232 psi (16,0 bar) – 10“ … 12“ (DN 250 ... DN 300)
  • Languages English, French, German
  • Maintenance free
  • FM approval PR455022
  • CE marking

Turbo-Lux® 3 (FM / LPCB / VdS) - fire pump test meter

Turbo-Lux® 3

Turbo-Lux® 3 is the world’s first and only flow meter approved by all three test institutes (FM, LPCB and VdS). Large corporations and global companies in particular can benefit accordingly from a uniform international solution for their fire safety systems. The resulting advantages are unique on the market:

  • Certified safety from three independent certification companies in just one device
  • Coverage of measuring ranges from 75 to 38000 lpm (50 – 5000 GPM) – Full-line provider (FM), LPCB and VdS do not offer systems with this performance (i.e. to DN 200 / 8") (reduction of administrative workload – one vendor)
  • Simple installation thanks to grooved connection to the pipeline network
  • The device is ready for operation with just one threaded connection (compare the design of the other products on the market) – guaranteeing fastest installation!
  • Only VdS-approved manufacturer with a grooved connection
  • The measurement procedure is patented in conjunction with the groove connection
  • High and constant read accuracy
  • Not susceptible to vibrations
  • Robust and low-maintenance design
  • Reliable and long service life
  • Calibration certificate available (optional)
  • Short lead times (ex stock - Kerpen)
Image: Turbo-Lux® 3

Turbo-Lux® 2 (VdS ) - fire pump test meter

FO Turbo-Lux® 2 (VdS)

The Turbo-Lux® 2 with VdS approval is the second generation of the Turbo-Lux® device family and is also available as an intermediate flange version. In addition to the familiar easy installation and extremely precise measurement accuracy, the VdS-certified Turbo-Lux® 2 impresses with lower purchasing costs compared with its predecessor.

  • Nominal sizes from DN 80 to DN 250
  • Measuring ranges from 420 to 18,000 l/min
  • Measurement accuracy ±2.5 % of the upper measuring range limit
  • Can be used for any installation location, installation position and direction of flow
  • Low susceptibility to vibrations
  • Display in %
  • VdS approval 2344, 2100-29
  • Available at short notice

Turbo-Lux® (VdS) - fire pump test meter

Turbo-Lux® (VdS)

The Turbo-Lux® device family is primarily used in stationary fire extinguishing systems and sampling lines for water supply. Even in its first generation, the Turbo-Lux® already held an advanced position in its main applications and has been used thousands of times since then in industry and the fire safety sector. In addition to this, the installation location and position and the flow direction in the various system types can vary greatly – as an intermediate flange version, the direction of the arrow is the only determining factor for the water flow. The device also offers minimal susceptibility to vibrations and a steady flow display. Together with the practical case for the bypass flow meter, the Turbo-Lux® series products are the devices of choice for inspection firms. The required approval from VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH has been secured.

  • Nominal sizes from DN 80 to DN 250
  • Measuring ranges from 420 to 18,000 l/min
  • Measurement accuracy ±2.5 % of the upper measuring range limit
  • Can be used for any installation location, installation position and direction of flow
  • Low susceptibility to vibrations
  • Display in %
  • VdS approval 2344, 2100-2
  • Centring kit (optional) 
  • Calibration certificate (optional) 
  • Case for bypass flow meter (optional) 
  • Available at short notice

mag-flux T4 - Magnetic-inductive fire pump test meter

mag-flux T4 (VdS)

With the mag-flux® T4, MECON has advanced flow meters for water sprinkler systems consistently and presents a solution with a fast 16-bit micro-controller and an electrical 4 - 20 mA output. As a result, the mag-flux® T4 is easy to integrate in existing remote monitoring systems, and the measurements can be evaluated in a control centre. For installation, the device offers an impressive range of connection options – e.g. flange, threaded or groove connections. In fact, the mag-flux® T4 is the only product with a VdS-approved groove connection. The measurement accuracy is always ±0.5%.

  • Fully welded steel fitting
  • Fast signal processing with a 16 bit micro-controller
  • Fixed measurement ranges
  • Compact or separate design
  • Easy installation thanks to coupling connection
  • Short inlet and outlet sections
  • Simple electrical connection via M12 connector
  • 4-20 mA output
  • Short lead times