Plastic float-type flow meter

The high-grade transparent plastic measurement cones used allow the flow value to be read directly at media temperatures up to +60 °C . The universal female thread and adhesive connections permit problem-free process integration.

The device can also optionally be used for flow monitoring if equipped with one or more contact switches.

Areas of application:

Thanks to their plastic measurement cone, Trogflux-series float-type flow meters with a standard length of 306 mm are suitable for measuring clear liquids and gas flows in closed pipelines with a pressure of up to max. 10 bar. As a result, the devices are particularly suitable for measuring water, clear liquids and gas flows.

The Trogflux float-type flow meter is used in the following industries:

  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Construction machinery and equipment
  • Water and wastewater

Advantages of the Trogflux float-type flow meter:

  • Reliability (long-term stability, service life)
  • Can be used for liquids, gas (clear)
  • Simple device setup, making it easy to install and maintain
  • No auxiliary energy for local display
  • Simple interpretation of the measurements
  • High repeat accuracy of the measurements
  • Simple commissioning
  • Universal threaded and adhesive connections
  • Cost-effective
  • No calming section
  • Manufacturer’s application expertise
  • Short lead times

Measuring tube connections:

  • Adhesive sleeve
  • Internal threads
  • Hose connector


Measuring ranges Liquids¹: 6.5 25,000 l/h
Gases²: 140 480,000 l/h
Measuring accuracy 
due to VDI / VDE 3513-2
(qG = 50 %)
Liquids: 2,5
Gases: 2,5
Pressure limits Trogamid: max. 10 bar
Polysulfone: max. 10 bar (
Temperature limits Trogamid: -10 °C  +60 °C
Polysulfone: -10 °C  +90 °C
Flow direction vertically upwards
Process connections DIN ISO 228: G ¼ G 2
ANSI B1.20.1: ¼“ 2“
Adhesive bushing: 20 63 mm
Float materials Stainless steel, PVC, PVDF, aluminum
Options Contact(s)

¹ Standard measurement range for liquids (ρ = 1 kg/l, viscosity 1 mPa.s)

² Standard measurement range for gases (Pe = 0 bar pressure, T = 0 °C, ρ = 1,293 kg/m³, v = 0,0181 mPa.s)

Manual / technical data

Declaration of conformity


FAQ - Plastic float-type flow meter Trogflux

Do I need an inlet and outlet path?

Not required

Where to read the flow value?

The reading edge is at the place of the largest diameter of the float.

Can I install a float with magnet and contacts subsequently in an already bought device?

In principle this is possible. When using contacts, the float must be equipped with a magnet. Due to the different weight, a new calibration of the device should be carried out in-house.

What is the purpose of the two setpoint indicators?

They are used for individual marking of defined flow rates.

Can I use two scales on one device?

Yes, this is possible. One scale will be on the front and one on the back of the device.

Which parameters are mandatory to mention when placing an order?

When placing an order, it is essential to specify the medium, the density and viscosity at operating temperature and pressure. For gases, the exact Reference point of pressure (gauge pressure or absolute pressure) additionally required.

Which cleaning agent is required?

Although the devices are maintenance-free, it is recommended to regularly check the flow meter for signs of corrosion, mechanical wear and damage. We recommend routine checks at least once a year.

How is the unit cleaned?

For a detailed inspection and cleaning, the device must be removed from the pipeline. Contamination can lead to measurement errors under certain circumstances.

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