Baffle plate flow meters

Robust and flexible – Suitable for any flow direction

Baffle plate flow meters by MECON

MECON can rely on decades of experience in production of mechanical flow meters in robust full-metal versions. Our baffle plate flow meters are suitable for high temperatures of up to +250 °C – irrespective of the direction of flow. The products also impress with easy installation, numerous connection options and electrical outputs.

Advantages of baffle plate flow meter:

  • Product scale for liquids and gases
  • Simple installation due to sandwich construction
  • Solid design
  • Suitable for any flow directions
  • Can be equipped with a limit contact and potentiometer (optional)

Service for Product Solutions:

Discover our services that enhance your product solutions. Benefit from MECON GmbH's extensive knowledge. From custom special solutions to reliable maintenance and calibration of your components. In the downloads section, you can find all relevant information for the use and planning of product solutions – we are your partner for excellent service.


Development of Custom Solutions

MECON GmbH optimizes your product range with customer-specific adaptations from batch size one. From design to the manufacturing of prototypes and series production, you get everything from a single source.

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Verification of the measurement accuracy of flow meters. In the nominal width range from DN 2 to DN 800, we check your devices, including those from other manufacturers, on our water test benches with reference devices according to EN 17025.

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Maintenance, Repair, and Returns

Regular maintenance of heavily used devices is recommended to ensure smooth operation of your measurement technology over the years.


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Measurement principle and structure for baffle plate flow meters

Baffle plate flow meters work based on the deflection method principle (see Fig. 1). Accordingly, the flow meter consists of a baffle plate (b) with a scale beam (c), which transfers the stasis of the measured media by routing it through the bellows (d) to the indicator (e). At the same time, a rack and pinion drive (f) converts the resulting deflection into a rotary motion (h). The indicator motion is regulated by an eddy current brake (g).

Measurement tasks and measurable media of baffle plate flow meters

Baffle plate flow meters are ideal anywhere a robust and reliable flow meter is required in plant engineering to measure water, liquids, corrosion protection and lubricants, solvents, saturated and overheated steam and industrial gases.

MECON meters are used in a wide range of industries worldwide:

  • Chemicals
  • Building services equipment, air conditioning, heating
  • Oil and gas