INFORMATION - Change of paint colour (fire protection products)

We would like to inform you that we have changed the colour of our flowmeters in fire protection.

Instead of the previous blue paint (RAL 5015), we are now using an anthracite-coloured paint (RAL 7024).

This change affects the fire protection product families of Turbo-Lux 2 orifice plates, Turbo-Lux 3 orifice plates (DN 150 ... DN 300) and the mag-flux T4 device series.

The reason for this change is our effort to ensure visual consistency with most components in sprinkler systems. By using the anthracite-coloured paint finish, we want to ensure that our flowmeters work harmoniously with existing systems. In addition, we have found that the units appear more visually appealing with the new colour scheme.

Please note that the change in paint colour does not affect the performance, quality or function of our flowmeters in any way. All technical specifications and properties remain unchanged.

The image material on our website and documents will be successively converted.

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