Maintenance and repair

On the safe side

Regular maintenance and professional repairs keep your measuring equipment reliable

Operating conditions vary significantly from gentle to tough. Regular maintenance is recommended for devices subject to heavy loads to guarantee smooth operation for your measuring equipment for years.

MECON is available to you on-site at all times. Simply tell us what you need. Or use our returns form.

Overview of maintenance and repairs:

  • Professional maintenance and repairs
  • On-site or at our facility

Registration for maintenance or repairs

If you want to calibrate, check, repair or return your device to MECON for other reasons, send your package to the following address:

Abteilung: Kundenservice
Röntgenstraße 105
50169 Kerpen

Please include a “Confirmation of decontamination” with every returned device.

We also ask you to ensure that the device is carefully packaged, to protect it during transportation.


Information Required for the Portable Hydrant Testing Device mag-flux HTL with Data Storage:

Acknowledgement of Data Backup
Please ensure that a backup of the information stored on the device has been made before submission. The company MECON cannot guarantee any data backup for the work order (inspection/repair/calibration).

Confirmation of Data Backup
Warnings on the medium
Medium in process
Medium in process warnings
Medium for final cleaning
Medium for final cleaning warning
I am aware that the completed return certificate must be attached to the OUTSIDE of the packaging for safety reasons, and that if I fail to do so, the package will be returned to me at my expense.*
We hereby confirm the assumption of costs (net plus VAT)***
Privacy policy*
Please calculate 9 plus 5.

* Mandatory field

***Inspection of a mechanical device = 115,00 EUR, Inspection of a magnetic inductive device = 223,00 EUR Cleaning and calibration check: Turbo-Lux = 283,64 EUR, Turbo-Lux 2  = 256,35 EUR, Turbo-Lux 3 = 256,35 EUR

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