mag-flux HTL

Mobile flow meter with free flowthrough - compact and robust.

» NEW with integrated temperature measurement available!

» NEW separate turbidity measuring device

» NEW Wasserkarte APP - for efficient hydrant maintenance

The mag-flux HTL hydrant tester is used in fire protection as well as in water management and serves for quick and easy performance testing of hydrants - among others according to W 405 and DIN 14462. The mobile flow and pressure measuring device is extremely robust. As it has no moving parts, it causes no pressure loss and is easy to clean with its splash-proof housing and can also be used in rainy weather without any problems.

Flow, pressure and new temperature measurement¹ of the hydrant

Equipped with the latest software, water pressure, flow rate and total flow rate are displayed from the beginning of each measurement. The device measures creeping quantities and carries out measurements of fire water or well water quantities. Now the temperature can be measured and documented optionally.

For the water industry, it is possible to determine the FNU values by means of separate turbidity measurement, especially during flushing campaigns, and thus to adapt the flushing strategy efficiently and in a resource-saving manner.

Data transfer via Bluetooth from the hydrant tester to the mobile device via app

The measuring process can now be controlled not only by the easily readable display but also by the practice-proven app from All measured data for pressure, flow, temperature and turbidity are transmitted live from the hydrant tester to the app. The measuring protocols as well as diagrams are displayed directly as preview. The holistic solution for hydrant maintenance from documentation, planning, localization, performance to maintenance.

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¹ optional


The main application of the mobile, battery-operated mag-flux HTL hydrant tester is the measurement of the flow and pressure in hydrants, both above and below ground.

The device is used in the following industries:

  • Reliability (long-term stability, service life)
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • No moving parts in the measuring section (no wear)
  • Free flow (no additional pressure losses)
  • Easy commissioning and operation using three button displays
  • High measuring accuracy including a calibration certificate on test bench equipment according to EN 17025
  • Compact design
  • Excellent stability
  • Long battery life (up to 24 hours) and short charging times
  • Extensive evaluation options including data export to GIS (optional)
  • Short delivery times

Special features of the flow and pressure meter:

  • Nominal diameters from 0 … 54,3 m³/h (0 … 905 l/min.) up to DN 150 (Storz 150) 0 … 763,4 m³/h (0 … 12723 l/min.
  • Rotatable and exchangeable Storz process connections
  • Data memory for 2,000,000 measured values
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth (in connection with the powerful “wasserkarte APP”)
  • CE marking according to EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and RED Directive 2014/30/EU.

Measuring principle

Measuring principle

Magnetic inductive synchronised DC field

Measuring accuracy Measurement error ±0.5% of the measured value, repeatability ±0.15% of the measured value
Media temperature range +1°C +40°C
Ambient temperature range +1°C +50°C
Process connection DN 40 DN 150
Storz C Storz 150
Flow range DN 40 (Storz C rotatable) 0 … 905 l /min. (0 … 54,3 m³/h)
DN 50 (Storz C rotatable) 0 … 1,413 l/min. (0 … 84,8 m³/h)
DN 80 (Storz B rotatable) 0 … 3,619 l/min. (0 … 217.2 m³/h)
DN 100 (Storz A rotatable) 0 … 5,655 l/min. (0 … 339.3 m³/h)
DN 150 (Storz C rotatable) 0 … 723 l /min. (0 … 763.4 m³/h)


Pressure measurement

Measuring principle


Measuring accuracy Linearity ±0.25% of range value
Compensated area -10°C to +80°C
  • Calibration
  • Service deployment (on-site inspection / maintenance)
  • Repair
  • Customer consulting by phone
  • Extended warranty (on request if required)


FAQ - hydrant tester mag flux HTL

Will the unit be damaged if the displayed flow direction is not observed?

No, only no flow rate and no total quantity is displayed.

Do I have to flush the hydrant before measuring (before connecting the hydrant tester)?

As there are no moving parts in the measuring stream, it can be connected directly without flushing the hydrant first.

At what intervals must the device be calibrated?

MECON offers free recalibration of the devices within the first two years after delivery. Here, a sensible interval can be jointly determined on the basis of the possible deviation and the use.

Can the turbidity be retrofitted after purchasing the hydrant tester?

It is recommended to prepare the turbidity measurement when purchasing the device. This means that the separate turbidity sensor can be connected later without any effort.

Can I use the hydrant tester without the APP?

Yes, the device can be used without any software. You can approach the topic of digitalization step by step.

How often does the unit need to be charged when not in use? To avoid deep discharge (which can destroy the NiMH batteries), the unit should be charged once a month.

Do I have to have an inlet and outlet path?

It is recommended to install a hose between the hydrant and the meter. An outlet path is given by means of the hose to the pressure reducer (flush box).

Does the device have to be sent in for maintenance regularly?

No, as there are no moving parts in the measuring assembly. However, it is recommended to clean the device if it is dirty and there are deposits in the measuring tube (electrodes should be free of deposits).

Can the unit be used in suction lines?

The mag-flux HTL covers a pressure range from -1 - 25 bar, therefore it is also suitable for use in a suction line.

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