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With a clear focus on forward-looking solutions in fire protection, water suppliers, and industrial special applications, we aim to understand/be closer to our customers and offer significant advantages with our solutions.

In addition to measurement solutions, we are now and, in the future, focusing on the areas of sensor technology and verification systems.

The following overview provides a first impression.

Fire protection

Our fire protection solutions:

Flow Meters for Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems must always be equipped with suitable flow meters. Operators worldwide benefit from FM, LPCB, and VdS approved flow meters in test lines. The simple and quick installation, handling, and functionality of the devices set standards in the industry.

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Hydrant - Performance Measurement

The basis for a functioning extinguishing concept is the functionality of components in case of fire (DIN 14462). With the intuitively operable testing devices for pressure and flow, the measurement values can be read out digitally, using an app, and processed further – ensuring professional documentation – with diverse measurement ranges and connection options.

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Hose reel Performance Measurement

To ensure that firefighting water facilities are always ready for use, it is necessary to check and maintain them at regular intervals. Based on DIN 14462 and TRVB 128 S, this high-quality and sustainable VdS recognized solution for checking flow and static pressure and the resulting volume flow has been constructed.

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Automatic Flow Detector Tester

For use in stationary fire protection systems for the detection and fighting of fires, flow detectors are used in wet sprinkler systems. These must undergo functional testing every quarter. The FM and VdS approved automated solutions are characterized by time- and resource-saving installation.

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Valve Monitoring (UW3)

The new way of valve monitoring – With the help of the FM-approved device series, future inspection intervals of various valve types and manufacturers can be extended through the Enhanced Security functionality. This increases system safety and significantly reduces inspection times and costs - sustainably.


Flow Measurement for Foam Extinguishing Systems (mag-flux SE)

Increasingly complex systems require simple and compact sensor solutions. The product solution designed for the implementation of flow meters in foam extinguishing systems impresses with an extremely compact design with diverse connection and communication interfaces – from DN 15 to DN 300.


Fire department

Our solutions for the fire department:

Fire Hydrants, Pump Performance Measurement

The basis for a functioning extinguishing concept is the functionality of components in case of fire. With the intuitively operable testing devices for pressure and flow, the performance values can be read out digitally, using an app, and processed further – so the performance of components can be measured and documented – also for training and further education purposes.

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Hose length simulation

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Water supplier

Our solutions for water suppliers:

Hydrant Performance Measurement with Analysis of Temperature and Turbidity

Hydrant maintenance is a classic routine activity for water suppliers. Parallel to ensuring firefighting water supply, further data on the current state of the water network can be obtained. Climate change is increasing the importance of monitoring water temperature in the supply network. In deposits, nutrients and bacteria can accumulate. By measuring turbidity during hydrant flushing, suitable flushing concepts can be established and resulting measures derived.

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Our Solutions for the Industry:

Flow Measurement Water Treatment Plant - Reverse Osmosis

(mag-flux SE, Trogflux)

Service for Product Solutions:

Discover our services that enhance your product solutions. Benefit from MECON GmbH's extensive knowledge. From custom special solutions to reliable maintenance and calibration of your components. In the downloads section, you can find all relevant information for the use and planning of product solutions – we are your partner for excellent service.


Development of Custom Solutions

MECON GmbH optimizes your product range with customer-specific adaptations from batch size one. From design to the manufacturing of prototypes and series production, you get everything from a single source.

Custom Solutions


Verification of the measurement accuracy of flow meters. In the nominal width range from DN 2 to DN 800, we check your devices, including those from other manufacturers, on our water test benches with reference devices according to EN 17025.

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Maintenance, Repair, and Returns

Regular maintenance of heavily used devices is recommended to ensure smooth operation of your measurement technology over the years.


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