Float-type flow meter for measuring very small and small quantities

The Minix is a float-type flow meter with a glass cone and an aluminium housing. The integrated needle valve allows manual regulation of flow quantities. As a result, the device is ideal for panel or battery mounting.

Areas of application:

The Minix-series float-type flow meters are used to measure the volume of clear liquids and gas flows in closed pipelines. The integrated needle valve allows manual regulation of flow quantities. Standard scales are offered for liquids with a density of 1 kg/l and for air. For all other media measured, the scales are converted depending on the material values. Accordingly, the device is ideal for measuring very small and small quantities e.g. in panel or battery mounting.

The Minix float-type flow meter is used in the following industries:

  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Chemicals
  • Laboratory equipment

Advantages of the Minix mechanical flow meter:

  • Reliability (long-term stability, service life)
  • Can be used for liquids, gas (clear)
  • Temperatures of measured media: -10 °C to +70 °C
  • Measurement range limit for liquids: 0,1 l/h to 500 l/h (water: +20 °C)
  • Measurement range limit for gas: 2,0 l/h to 8,000 l/h (air: +20 °C, 1.013 bar)
  • Simple design, making it easy to install and maintain
  • No auxiliary power required for local display
  • Simple interpretation of measurements
  • High repeat accuracy of the measurements
  • Simple commissioning
  • Low cost and simple measuring principle without auxiliary power
  • No calming section
  • Manufacturer’s application expertise
  • Short lead times

Measuring tube connections:

  • DIN ISO 228:G ¼ – G ½
  • ANSI B1.20.1: NPT ¼" – NPT ½"
  • Hose connector: 10 mm / 13 mm
  • LW 10 / LW 13
Measuring ranges Liquids¹: 0,1 - 500 l/h
Gases²: 2,0 - 8,000 l/h
Measuring accuracy
acc. to VDI/VDE 3513-2
(qG= 50%)
Liquids: 2,5
Gases: 2,5
Pressure limits max. 10 bar
Temperature limits - 10 °C to 70 °C
Flow direction vertically upwards
Process connections DIN ISO 228:G ¼ – G ½
ANSI B1.20.1: NPT ¼“ – NPT ½“
Hose: LW 10 / LW 13
Float materials Stainless steel, aluminum

¹ Standard measurement range for liquids (ρ = 1 kg/l, viscosity 1 mPa.s)

² Standard measurement range for gases (Pe = 0 bar pressure, T = 0 °C, ρ = 1,293 kg/m³, v = 0,0181 mPa.s)

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